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Paulo Ricardo

London, London

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I'm wandering round and round, nowhere to go
I'm lonely in london, london, is lovely so
I cross the streets without fear, everybody keeps the way clear
I know there's no one here to say hello
I know they keep the way clear, i am lonely in london without fear
I'm wandering round and round, nowhere to go

While my eyes, go looking for flying saucers in the sky
Yes my eyes, go looking for flying saucers in the sky

Oh, sunday, monday, autumn pass by me
And people hurry on so peacefully
A group approach the policeman, he seems so pleased to please them
It's good to live at least and i agree
He seemed so pleased at least and it's so good to live in peace
And sunday, monday years and i agree


I know there's no one here to say hello
I choose no face to look at, choose no way
I just happen to be here and it's ok
Green grass, blue eyes, gray sky, god bless, silent, pain and happiness
I came around to say yes, and i say
Green grass, blue eyes, gray sky, god bless, silent, pain and happiness
I came around to say yes, and i say

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