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Rick Astley


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Oh yeah baby, oh now girl, oh now lover
Gonna stake my claim, gonna stand my ground
Gonna love you while the world spins around
Gonna be with you for the rest of my days
And nothing's gonna stand in be way
Cos I want you baby, I need you baby
I want to feel your body close to mine
I mean it baby, believe me baby
I know it to be true, 'cos

Every time you go away
I kick myself, and then I say
I'm a fool to let you go
Understand I need you so
Every time you go away
I can't believe it then I say
I'm a fool to let you go
You're the one I need to know

Ooh now baby, ooh now lover
Gonna lift you up, make you feel alright
I'm gonna make you whole tonight
Gonna make you close. I'm gonna keep you near
I'll love you for a thousand years and
I want you baby, I need you baby
I want to feel your body next to mine
I mean it baby, believe me baby
I know it to be true, 'cos

(Repeat chorus)

Oh I know, that you're the one I need to know

When the night are long
You know I'll be right here, I'll chase away your fears
And the days are so grey
You know you'll find me here, anyway

Gonna hold you tonight, every time you go away
Gonna hold you tonight, I kick myself and then I say
Gonna hold you tonight, I'm a fool to let you go
Gonna hold you tonight, You're the one I need to know

(Repeat chorus to fade)
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