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Smokey Robinson

One Time

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No sooner had you come into my sight
When I thought I had been struck by
A bolt of lightning
It wasn't in the forecast, from the weatherman
I told myself , you got to get yourself together man
What a vibration to my brain,it was
The thought to be with you was instantaneous
Something bout' you woman
The (?) you call it
If what I see is what I get
I'd like to touch it all
One time baby
Could be the start of from now on

I don't know how you
Do what you do to me
But I know the feeling
Is getting through to me

The feeling that I have
Become a slave to
When I'm with you or without you
I still crave you

I hope that in the very near future you'll
Tell me that the feeling is mutual
I want you baby so much
Get you by yourself,
Touch to touch

One time baby
Could be the start of from now on

We could be good
(don't you know)
We could be the best
(don't you know)
It's about time
(don't you know)
We put it to the test
(don't you know)

My only request is
One time, one time, one time

And maybe then we could make it happen
Again and again, again and again
Again and again, again and again

Told myself, I think she needs some lovin'
I'd like to give her it
Gonna do my best to deliver it

Said I'd like to love you
Like you'd like it
You hearts desire
Love you so right till
You never tire
And on and on at night now
All the time

Keep it up
Keep it real
Keep me on your mind

One time baby
(one time baby)
One time baby
(one time baby)

You could never be a 'B' call
If it's up to me
You're a recall

Over and over and over again
Over and over and over

Again and again

One time baby
(one time baby)
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