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All My Life

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[Jesse to self] All my life
Lost in a dream
Through my eyes
A world no one sees

All my life
No place for me
Through me eyes
A child no one needs

I can't take it no more
Can't take it no more
What spirits come from my soul

Can't wait any more
Can't hate any more
Last steps to freedom I go

Can't take it no more
Forsaken for sure
My wishing well's
For washing the lost

Can't wait anymore
My pain is too much
No one hears me
There ain't no love

No shame no more
No blame for sure
My wishing well is
Calling me home

[Jesse to Sister Sadie , His mother , Judah and The Disciples] Please don't touch me
Please don't touch me
Please don't fuck me
Please don't touch me
Please don't touch me
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