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1Amanda Merdzan - Matter 2San Doctor - Mandingo 3Dylan Rockoff - Feeling Fine 4Pigeon Park - Sunlight Fading Away 5Solange - Mad 6Jack Jenkins - Hey Amber 7Maluku - Para 8SONS OF MORPHEUS - Pay For Me 9SONS OF MORPHEUS - Head In The Clouds 10SONS OF MORPHEUS - Further Along 11SONS OF MORPHEUS - Eye Of The Storm 123D In Your Face - Moscow Queen 13SONS OF MORPHEUS - Sugar Boogie 14The Honey Trees - Wild Winds 15Forró Boca a Boca - Você Vacilou 16Shawn Taste - Spliff 17Juts B Harsh - Graveyard Shift 18JJX - The Great Divide 19Jarkko Martikainen Ja Luotetut Miehet - Keväinen Jää 20Woods, The Mighty - No Shopping (Remix) 21Amit Cohen - Mistake 22Woods, The Mighty - Dat Stick 23Bitch Queens - Again, Again & Again 24Chainsmokers - All We Know 25Celine Dion - Recovering 26Melanie C - Anymore 27Alicia Keys - Back To Life 28Chris Brown - What Do You Do 29Tori Amos - Flicker 30Britney Spears - Mood Ring 31Cassie - Joint 32Britney Spears - Man On The Moon 33Britney Spears - Slumber Party 34Britney Spears - Just Like Me 35Britney Spears - Love Me Down 36Britney Spears - Hard To Forget Ya 37Britney Spears - Better 38Britney Spears - Change Your Mind 39Britney Spears - Liar 40Britney Spears - If I'm Dancing 41Lana Del Rey - Girl That Got Away 42Jed Madela - To Love Again 43CL - Lifted 44Scott Blaze - Go Get It 45Ludmilla - Tô Querendo Mais 46Ludmilla - Cheguei 47Ludmilla - Você Nunca Me Verá Chorar 48Turbostaat - Die Stulle Nach Dem Schiss 49Lanto - Make Me Feel Right 50Zapp - Spendmy Whole Life With You
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